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Coupled with Great Strength and Ambition

Let us get to know each other

It is easier to deal with people we know well. That is why communication and collaboration are at the heart of our corporate culture. These values help us to listen to your needs, define the work method that suits your situation, and offer services catered to you. Working as a team allows us to better understand your professional issues and to implement the necessary measures.


régine gardès,

the career woman
behind the vision

Régine loves when documents are written clearly using language that is not too convoluted or heavy. The way she handles texts one right after the other reveals that she is not only a gifted translator, but also a very talented manager who has been doing legal translation her entire life. After having spent several years managing various translation teams, the winds of change blew over her career and Régine decided to start a new chapter in her life by putting all her energy into T3W. The vast professional experience that she had accumulated throughout her career has given her full confidence in her skills and, as she leaves nothing to chance, rigorous revision and quality control are a major part of her work ethic. Her unifying energy and natural leadership make her an excellent project manager.

Régine has translated and edited tens of thousands of documents over the course of her career. This means that she has a very sharp eye. That’s her strength!

A Promising Future

Born from the energy, passion, and entrepreneurial ambition of its founder, T3W places great importance on the quality of language and a job well done. The current context confirms that legal translation is in high demand. With a promising future on the horizon, T3W’s commitment remains simple: meet the expectations of companies looking for quality service and a trusted long-term provider.