Three areas of specialization, three languages, three core values

We have always been committed to building strong relationships with our clients and fulfilling our promises without ever losing sight of the core values that make us who we are: a company that knows the importance of consistency, trust, and confidentiality. These three characteristics represent our core values, as they perfectly reflect our culture, aspirations, and genuine concern for quality in every way.

The role of Certified Translators

Some may believe that translators simply run texts through a translation software, and that’s it! Nothing could be further from the truth! Did you know that using an automatic translation tool jeopardizes confidentiality and may compromise the protection of personal information? Certified translators are bound by a code of ethics that rules professional secrecy and the confidentiality of all non-public information. A substantial part of our work also involves searching in laws and regulations to extract the terminology specific to the domains covered in the documents for translation.

régine gardès,

The career woman
behind the vision

With a track record of over 20 years of service to leading legal firms in Canada, Régine has developed a robust expertise spanning the entire lifecycle of a project. Her academic background in translation and management underscores her unwavering dedication to professional excellence.

Over the course of her career, Régine has translated and revised a multitude of documents, refining her expertise like no other. It is this sharp attention to detail that sets her apart and constitutes her greatest asset!

Our commitment

Our commitment is clear: exceeding the expectations of businesses in search of high-quality service and a reliable, long-term trusted partner.

We also assist managers, department heads, and entrepreneurs in drafting flawless documents in every language, to consistently enhance their visibility, stand out, and foster national and international partnerships with a growth-oriented perspective.

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Our values


In order to produce certified translations, all legal and financial language must be perfectly controlled. Moreover, the coexistence of two types of legislation within the Canadian legal system—the civil law inherited from the French legal system and the common law inherited from the British legal system—requires knowledge and skills that must be consistently maintained. Ensuring the consistency of terminology used in laws and regulations is one of the indispensable translation techniques that T3W translators apply daily.


Our rigorous approach that emphasizes teamwork, allows us to build trusting relationships with companies who wish to develop long-lasting partnerships with professional translators. We prioritize terminology consistency, respect established lexicons, and maintain the uniformity and consistency of all texts entrusted to us. This approach is the trust and quality guarantee we offer to all our corporate clients.


Confidentiality issues are a major concern for most companies, especially when outsourcing services such as the translation of sensitive documents. Protecting personal information is our priority. Each certified translator is bound by a clear code of ethics that covers all aspects of their professional practice. Translators have an ethical duty of confidentiality towards their clients, and respecting these obligations is essential to maintaining the bond of trust between them.